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Learn to Use a Mobile
Home Park Dump Station

King’s Row RV Park Teaches You the Basics of Dump Stations

Whether you are a seasoned RV veteran or new to the community, one of the essential skills to learn is how to use a dump station. Not only do you need to learn it, but you must be quick about it as well. Other drivers around you will appreciate your new skills once you are finished reading about how the King’s Row RV Park teaches you to use the dump station. We get many travelers from all over the United States, and with limited space at the dump stations, it is imperative you learn to use it efficiently and effectively. For more than 65 years, our team of experts has been housing RVs of all kinds at our mobile home park. They always return because of our hospitality and high-quality services. The fact that we’re 15 minutes away from downtown Las Vegas doesn’t hurt either.

With 450 spaces, King’s Row RV Park is one of the largest RV parks in Southern Nevada. You can also expect our mobile home park to have all the amenities you and your friends need to survive, whether for an extended stay or if you’re here just for the weekend. There are WiFi hotspots throughout the campgrounds to ensure you can stay connected with those at home, and all sites have full hookups to connect your electricity, water, and sewer quickly and easily. We also have a swimming pool, full-service laundromat, and recreation hall and other local attractions to take care of extracurricular needs. Two dogs up to 35 pounds each can also stay with you on your adventure. If you have larger dogs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our managers for special exceptions. Give us a call when you are ready to make your mobile home park reservation with the best, King’s Row RV Park!

Dump Station Location in King’s Row RV Park

You can easily find the dump stations in King’s Row RV Park. We house more than most to help prevent large backups as campers are headed back home or need to take care of business while staying with us. Our team of experts at the park can always help while you offload your tank, but below are some of the tools you will need when emptying your black or gray tanks on our mobile home park:

Gloves: This helps protect your hands from the potentially dangerous substance you are clearing from the containers. You can purchase single-use or rubber gloves that you can wash after finishing the job.

Wipes: After you have finished the job, it’s always good to wipe down all the valves and rinse water spigots, handles, and connection ports on your RV. It will make it much easier to do the next time if you take the time to do it now thoroughly.

Tank Flush Hose: This item helps flush out the tanks during a dump and after you have drained them. Without the help of this tool, you may have leftovers sitting in your hose, which can create a nasty smell and an unpleasant experience in your camper while driving to your next adventure.

Sewage Hose: While some dump stations may provide these tools, it is always good to have one in case you come across a free dump station without all the necessary equipment. This hose goes from your RV or camper straight to our dump station port.

Tank Treatment: These treatments are especially helpful for black tanks but can also be used in gray tanks to prevent smells from escaping. Your neighbors will appreciate the use of these treatments, and your passengers will also thank you while you are on the road.

Tips for Cleaning Out Your RV or Camper at the Dump Station

We have created an instructional video to use if you have never been to King’s Row RV Park. We teach you how to use our dump stations located throughout the park. Below are some general pointers, whether you are a first-timer or need a refresher after getting your camper or RV out from its winter storage. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or need assistance once you get to the park:

Secure Hoses: Once you attach your hose to the RV and dump station, you will want to ensure they are securely connected before starting the process. Some campers even use a brick to keep the hose connected at the dump station port because of the force when flushing.

Empty Tanks: You will begin the process by emptying your black tank first and then your gray tank. Some RVs and campers may have separate valves for each tank, while some have them flow into one, so make sure you know which setup you have and then choose the black tank first.

Activate Flush Hose: A great tip even for experienced campers. Using your flush hose simultaneously will help save you time and free up the dump station quicker, which allows other campers to do the same before leaving.

Don’t Mix Your Hoses: It may seem obvious to not use your sewage hose for anything but sewage, but most campers don’t realize they shouldn’t use their flush hose for anything other than flushing. This water isn’t potable, so mixing it with fresh water isn’t a good idea for your campers. For sanitary reasons, it is a good idea to store your freshwater hose and flush water hose in separate areas to prevent confusion.

Disconnect from Dump Station: It is suggested you purchase and use sewage hoses with clear connectors to help see when the tank is empty instead of guessing or listening. When disconnecting, you begin by ensuring the valve is closed. Once you disconnect, lift up on the hose to push down any remains. While the tube is still pointed upwards, be sure to use your flush hose to clear anything else out before storing it again.

Reach Out to King’s Row RV Park

Our team in Las Vegas, NV is always ready and willing to help you use our dump stations. We are excited to have you stay in our mobile home park, whether it’s for a few days or several weeks. Use our contact form online or give us a call today!